Looks preppy tipo Blair Waldorf para esos días que te sientes como en Gossip Girl

Casi casi como si estuvieras en búsqueda de Chuck.
Cómo tener el outfit de Blair Waldorf
Foto: Gossip Girl
2019-12-24 | Autor : Sam Solo

Todas sabemos que la reina del Upper East Side tenía los mejores outfits de la vida y lo bueno es que recrearlos no es tan complicado, si no, checa estos looks preppy tipo Blair Waldorf para esos días que te sientes como en Gossip Girl.

Blazers sí, SIEMPRE



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Trench coat forever



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Faldas a cuadros <3



Reflecting on who I was last September... we had just finished traveling for a long baseball season, finishing up living in a motel in Pennsylvania. I was giving modeling a try in Los Angeles, and was still figuring out how I wanted to channel my lifelong creative passion. I had a different job, & I was beginning to commit to focusing on my photography and my blog. I was entering my senior year of college at San Diego State and I had just begun to save up & dream about the retro RV life idea. Ramsey and I were talking about getting married, but we hadn’t gotten engaged yet. My life is completely different than it was last year. I’ve had so many new, different, & exciting experiences since last September. This September, I look back and realize that I’ve turned my passion into a job as a full time content creator/blogger, I’ve graduated college, & I’m traveling in my retro renovated RV with my Fiancé. Sometimes I wonder who I will be next September. I remember that I have the power to create that version of myself. To anyone chasing a dream right now - remember that 365 days is a long time but also a short time. Make everyday count to the best of your ability. Do crazy things. Sometimes others may question your vision, but trust me - the more passion you throw out into the universe, the more you LOVE the journey of the chasing... the more you will realize that all along, little by little, your dreams have been coming true... leaving you with the space to create new ones.. over and over again. Until then, keep dreaming, keep pursuing, and keep choosing yourself & your dreams over everything. Make your life your greatest art. Live your life like you’re the main character in the movie that is your version of the world. Experience all that you can. Always choose the greatest adventure. As for me, it’s time to dream new dreams. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What dream are you chasing right now? I would love to know ⁣⁣

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Abrigos con botones lover



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Muy a la francesa



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Cuello de tortuga




Feeling so cozy in this chunky sweater ~ ♥️ Hope everyone is staying warm! ❄️❄️❄️

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Solo te hará falta un Chuck Bass.







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